Tracing OCI JDBC Driver

If you are using the Oracle’s OCI JDBC Driver to connect to the database, you might what to turn on logging/tracing to know what’s happening behind the scenes. Since the Oracle’s OCI JDBC driver internally calls OCI (Oracle Call Interface) there are two steps involved to turn on tracing.

1. Enabling the OCI JDBC driver logs
– To enable the driver logging, a different ojdbc jar needs to be used(i.e. the debug jar – ojdbc_g.jar). The new jar would have the detailed log statements. In addition to this one needs to add two system properties namely

  •        -Doracle.jdbc.Trace=true and
  •        -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/jdbc/demo/

This oracle documentation link gives an detailed insight on the steps to enable driver logs

2. Tracing the OCI dll function calls
– The OCI JDBC driver calls the oci dll to interact with the oracle server. To know what dll function calls are made use flextracer (evaluation version :)).


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