Glassfish Source Code

The source code of glassfish can be downloaded using the svn url – If you want to download the source code for a specific version of glassfish, browse the svn repository and add the relevant tag suffix. For e.g. to download the source code for glassfish 3.1 use the url –

By the way – To know the version of the glassfish server used for deployment, use the command – asadmin version. The output of the command would include the build version to help you figure out the tag to be used while downloading the source code.


Posted on April 29, 2011, in glassfish and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. the svn urls you posted are invalid!

  2. Which svn tool did you use to checkout the source code? I just tried with Tortoise SVN and I could browse the glassfish source code and also check it out.

  3. Thulasiram Gopalakrishna

    Thanks a ton Amit. The URL works.

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