Monthly Archives: December 2011

Labeling Connections in UCP – Adjusting with the API

After decompiling the ucp jar file, I was able to understand the labeling connection callback better and got to know that the implementation didn’t completely match with the jdbc developer guide. This post will detail out on a couple of mismatch’d points from the developer guide.

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Java Decompiler – JD-GUI Features

Recently I came across some really nice features of the jd-gui java decompiler. This decompiler seems to behave as an IDE for reading class files. I am using the 0.3.3 version of the library.

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JMX Monitoring Support For Local Process On Windows

If you are monitoring a local jvm process using jconsole or jvisualvm and aren’t able to view the Threads tab on jvisualvm or connect to jconsole, this post should provide some troubleshooting information.

Any application that is started on the Java SE 6 platform will support the Attach API, and so will automatically be made available for local monitoring and management when needed. This out of box jmx support doesn’t work on Windows though. On Windows platforms, for security reasons, local monitoring and management is only supported if your default temporary directory is on a file system that allows the setting of permissions on files and directories (for example, on a New Technology File System (NTFS) file system). It is not supported on a File Allocation Table (FAT) file system, which provides insufficient access controls.

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