Spring commits on NOT_SUPPORTED propagation level

If you are working with spring and executing a DML query inside a transaction which has a propagation level of NOT_SUPPORTED, you might get surprised that the DML query gets committed despite the fact that the propagation level is NOT_SUPPORTED.

Here’s the sample code

public interface FooDAO {
    public void updateTable(String query);

public class FooDAOImpl implements FooDAO {

    //for testing
    @Transactional(propagation = Propagation.NOT_SUPPORTED)
    public void updateTable(String query) {
    //sql update method

@TransactionConfiguration(transactionManager="txManager", defaultRollback=true)
public class MyTest {

   private FooDAO fooDAO;

   public void testTransactionCommit() {

The table gets updated after the test case ends even when the test class has @TransactionConfiguration with defaultRollback=true.

This happens because JDBC is in autocommit mode by default. This means each individual statement is automatically committed when it completes successfully.
Neither NOT_SUPPORTED or SUPPORTS start a transaction, so whatever default state the Connection is in, will remain.


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