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Log input parameters for a Spring StoredProcedure

To view the input parameters passed to an SP through Spring StoredProcedure, enable TRACE log level for org.springframework.jdbc.core.StatementCreatorUtils class. The SP parameters are logged by the setParameterValueInternal() method.

This is in sync with spring version 3.2.

Using Logback in Glassfish v3

The article provides details on how to integrate custom logging framework like slf4j and logback in glassfish v3.  The steps required to achieve this are

1. Add a jvm option
from the admin console i.e. server-config -> JVM Settings -> JVM Options

2. Place your logback.xml file under <domain-directory>/config.

The logs would be created relative to <domain-directory>/config.

Adding new loggers in Glassfish v3

Glassfish uses java util logging and below are two ways through which one can add new loggers for their application or third party api’s.

1. Set log-levels command
By executing the ‘asadmin set-log-levels org.springframework=FINE’ command a new logger for springframework is added. The logger gets added as soon as the command executes successfully.

2. Modifying the
By modifying the present in the domain/config folder as –
The logger gets added as soon as the properties file is saved.

No glassfish server restarts are required in any of the above approaches. The log statements can be seen in the same old server.log file. The newly added logger is visible in the admin console under Configurations->server-config->Logger Settings->Log levels. Any further modifications to the log levels can be done through this admin console UI.

Hibernate Prepared Statement Logging

To log the queries executed by hibernate, add a logger ‘org.hibernate.SQL’ with debug log level and to log the parameter values of the prepared statement add ‘org.hibernate.type’ with trace log level.

An sample trace would look like

Hibernate: insert into ComponentGroup (name, id) values (?, ?)
19:23:40,753 TRACE StringType:151 – binding ‘group1’ to parameter: 1
19:23:40,754 TRACE LongType:151 – binding ‘1’ to parameter: 2

Reference Hibernate Core Reference Guide